The Ignite program offers affordable entry into karting in an environment with a level playing field for all. Maximize track time and minimize maintenance and costs as you constantly improve your racing skills in an ultra-competitive environment. Factory sealed engines from Briggs Racing and a chassis developed by industry leader Margay Racing combine to provide a platform where the emphasis is solidly on driver development.

Offering a Spring, Summer & Fall Series with four races each and season ending championship event, the Gateway Kartplex SuperComp series provides the experienced karter with a challenging environment to further hone their driving skills and racecraft.

Kartplex Information

Corporate Events

Get to know your employees or clients like never before - on a race track. The Gateway Kartplex is open for corporate events on weekdays from mid May through November 1st, 2014. Let us tailor a custom event specifically to your needs or choose one of our pre-packaged Gateway Grand Prix options. The Gateway Kartplex is the ultimate venue for corporate reward events, team building events, strategic off-site meetings, new product launches, charity events and much more. For more information, please contact our corporate sales office at 618.215.8888.

Group Rentals

Bring a group of ten or more and we'll set your group up with their own Grand Prix or time trial event. Enjoy birthday parties, bachelor parties or just some quality time at the track, going wheel to wheel with your friends at 60 mph.

Individual Rentals

Arrive & Drive. Whether you just want to experience the thrill of lapping the Kartplex at 60 mph an inch off the ground or you're ready for competitive racing, we have a rental program that puts you in the seat and gets you quickly up to speed.

Annual Memberships

Take advantage of discounted race and practice fees with an annual Kartplex membership. Additional discounts apply to garage rental, kart storage and pro shop purchases.

Racing Programs and Series

Our Ignite series is the place to light your racing fire. All drivers compete on identical equipment designed to maximize seat time, minimize maintenance and focus on driver development in an ultra-competitive environment. For the more advanced karter, the Kartplex SuperComp series is the place to race. Both series offer classes for all age groups in Spring, Summer & Fall series with a year-ending season championship shoot-out.

Garage Rentals

For those that want to always be close to the action, a private garage at the Kartplex can serve as your trackside race base. Located immediately adjacent to the North pit road, the 12' x 20' garage units are limited in number so be sure to put your name on one now.

Kart Storage

Individual kart owners who anticipate lots of track time but don't require the benefits of an individual garage can store their karts on site starting at $40/month. With a minimum of three hours advance notice, we'll have your kart waiting on the grid for your arrival with a full tank of fuel and tire pressures set. Done for the day? Leave your kart on the grid and head for home. If your kart requires service, complete a work order, leave it with a Kartplex representative and we'll take care of the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many CCs do the various engines have?

The Ignite series engine, the Briggs Racing LO206 is a 206cc air cooled 4-stroke engine that produces approximately nine horsepower. The Super Comp series features various engine packages from the above mentioned LO206 to 30+ horsepower 125cc liquid cooled, electric start 2-cycle engines.

Is there an age requirement?

Arrive & Drive (rental) Karts:
10 and up, must be at least 48" tall. Drivers under 18 must have a parental consent form on file.

Ignite & SuperComp Race Series age categories:
Kid Karts (SuperComp only): Ages 5-8
Sportsman/Rookie: Ages 8-12
Junior: Ages 12-15
Senior: Ages 15+
Ignite Masters 35+: Ages 35 and up
Ignite Masters 50+: Ages 50 and up

Height Requirement?

All drivers must be a minimum of 48" tall.

Weight Requirement?

We can comfortably accommodate drivers up to 275 pounds in our Arrive & Drive karts.

Any experience needed?

No experience is required for our arrive & drive karts.

Can you just show up and drive?

Yes, as long as the track is open for Arrive & Drive sessions. Check our Facebook page or website to check the daily track status.

What does it cost for an individual to show up and drive?

Arrive & Drive races are $29 per 10 minute race.

If I have my own Kart, can I drive it at the track?

Absolutely. You can practice any day the track is open for Arrive & Drive and open lapping activity. If your package meets the rules and specifications of the SuperComp or Ignite series, you can race it as well.

Can I store my Kart at the track?

Yes. Private garages are immediately adjacent to Pit Road and rents start at $400/month on a 12 month lease.

Can we host a birthday party at the KartPlex?

Yes, please contact our Group events specialist, Heidi Jones at 618-215-8888 or

What times is the Kartplex open?

Monday-Closed, available for private event booking
Tuesday 11am-7pm
Wednesday 11am-10pm
Thursday 11am-7pm
Friday 11am-10pm

How much does it cost to buy a race kart?

Race karts for the Ignite series start at $3995.00. Price range upward depending on class. Good used karts can be found for around $2000.

If I own a kart how much does it cost to run it there?

$40 per day for alternate Arrive & Drive/open lapping days.

If I already have a kart can I run it at your place?


How hard are these things to take care of?

Our Ignite series karts are very low maintenance while higher end two-cycle karts do require more hands on maintenance.

How long do the tires last?

The spec Bridgestone YDS tires used in our Ignite series should last a minimum of 6 race events. The softer Bridgestone YLC that is the spec tire in our SuperComp series should be competitive for a minimum of 3 race events. Tire wear life will vary by driver.

How fast do they go?

Our Arrive & Drive karts exceed 50 MPH. The Ignite series race karts attain 55+ mph and some SuperComp karts will attain 70+ mph on the Kartplex track.

How come they don't have front brakes?

Front brakes are not allowed on sprint karts by the rules set forth by the karting sanctioning bodies.

What type of clutch?

4-cycle (Briggs) engines run a low-cost shoe style clutch while 2-cycles typically run a dry disc or shoe clutch.

What type of changes can I make to my kart?

Typical adjustments include: tire pressures, gear ratio, front and rear track width, steering geometry settings.

What type of safety gear will I need? How much is safety gear?

All safety gear is supplied for Arrive & Drive participants. No shorts or open toed shoes are allowed.

Both race series require a Snell approved helmet, abrasion resistant karting suit (Jacket is OK), helmet support and gloves. Rib protection is also suggested. Expect to spend a minimum of $350 for the required safety gear. However, we do not suggest cutting corners when it comes to safety gear. Always buy the highest quality products you can afford. The kartplex will carry a complete line of quality safety gear.

What can you tell me about the motor? How much modification is in it?

No modifications are allowed to the Ignite series engine. The Briggs Racing LO206 is factory built to very tight tolerances then factory sealed to insure a level playing field. Compliance is checked with comprehensive tech procedures at the end of each race event. Our Ignite series will also feature a competition director invoked claiming rule. If our Competition Director suspects that an engine may be out of compliance, we reserve the right to 'claim' that engine. The competitor will have to exchange the engine in question for a brand new unit supplied by the track. If the competitor refuses the exchange, they will be excluded from further competition at the Kartplex.

What kind of training is involved before we race?

The Kartplex will be offering ongoing basic training and driver development programs for all ages.

Will this fit in the back of a truck?

Yes! All race karts will fit in the back of a typical pick-up truck or similar vehicle.